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The Union: a federation of members shaping global lung health

The 31 national lung associations that formed The Union in 1920 became the first “constituent” members, charged with leading – and funding – their new organisation. Today Union membership is open to both organisations and individuals, and more than 2,000 have joined our common cause: health solutions for the poor. 

Members provide The Union with:

  • Leadership
    The federation of members governs The Union through their elected Board of Directors and annual General Assembly.
  • Independence and vitality
    The Union’s scientific rigour, independence and vitality are a reflection of our members' commitment to global lung health.   
  • Influence
    The Union changed the course of TB treatment in the 20th century and today the Federation and Institute work together on challenges from multidrug-resistant TB and HIV to tobacco control.
  • Financial support
    While membership fees are not The Union’s principal funding source, they continue to support the core activities, such as conferences, courses, and journals.