FAQs on COVID-19 and lung health

The Union has published a set of frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 and lung health, focusing on its impact on TB services and the people undergoing TB treatment, and guidance to maintain quality care throughout this period, as well as recommendations and guidance for healthcare workers treating smokers with COVID-19.

COVID-19 and tuberculosis: Frequently Asked Questions.

COVID-19 and smoking: Frequently Asked Questions.

Scientific brief on smoking and COVID-19

The Union’s Tobacco Control Department has produced a scientific brief analysing the current science—and any related controversies—regarding COVID-19 and smoking. This brief includes an overview of the latest science, enumerating trends, key findings and study flaws before delving into specific publications. It will be updated regularly to include any new studies that shed additional or new light on the fundamental questions. The most recently revised document now delineates three critical stages along the COVID-19 disease spectrum and explains where evidence stands regarding the impact of smoking. 

The Union's scientific brief on COVID-19 and smoking: updated 1 September

COVID-19 and smoking: 5 August - 1 September

Previous briefs

COVID-19 and smoking: 17 July - 5 August

COVID-19 and smoking: 29 June - 17 July 

COVID-19 and smoking: 1 June - 29 June

COVID-19 and smoking: 18 May - 1 June

STOP's COVID-19 tobacco industry monitoring brief

STOP, the tobacco industry watchdog of which The Union is a partner, has been producing a regular COVID-19 Monitoring Brief which details the trends and patterns of tobacco industry behaviour as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. The information for these briefs was identified through STOP’s monitoring network.

Read STOP's COVID-19 tobacco industry monitoring briefs