Indian President launches TB seal campaign

The President of India has inaugurated the 69th TB Seal Campaign of Tuberculosis Association of India. Since 1904, lung health associations have raised millions of dollars in funds for lung diseases by selling Christmas TB seals.

The seals will be on display during the 49th Union World Conference in The Hague, where members have the opportunity to vote for their favourite. Results of the contest will be presented at the Union General Assembly on Friday 26 October at 7.30pm.

President Ram Nath Kovind was pictured with the seals and members of Tuberculosis Association of India.

The seals have been an important source of revenue for TB research in India since 1950. In 2017, the Tuberculosis Association of India sold five million TB seals. The funds raised through this campaign contributed to a national TB conference, research projects on TB and related diseases, as well as information, education and communication activities. The Indian Journal of Tuberculosis has been published quarterly for the last 72 years funded in part by the sale of TB seals. The Tuberculosis Association of India is one of The Union South-East Asia Region’s Heritage members.

The three most popular seals will be published on the Union website.