Public Health Action broadens its coverage in latest issue

The latest issue of Public Health Action (PHA) explores malaria in South Sudan, non-communicable disease clinics in Ethiopia, paediatric inpatient HIV testing in Mozambique, HIV case finding in Malawi, and mortality rates during Caesarean sections in 12 countries, as part of a move to transform PHA from a journal covering nearly exclusively tuberculosis (TB) to one which addresses a broad range of public health problems.

PHA is The Union's quarterly open access online journal, which aims to provide new knowledge, and discussion on health systems and services, with a particular focus on low-middle income countries.

“Since the first issue of Public Health Action in 2011, the ambition has been for the journal to cover an increasingly wide range of topics, beyond the initial focus on TB,” said Dr Dermot Maher, PHA’s Editor-in-Chief, “the latest issue shows that we’ve made progress, with papers on malaria, non-communicable diseases, maternal and child health, HIV and of course TB.”

Speaking about this move to broaden the spread coverage to a wider range of topics, he said “We need to continue efforts to ensure that the contents live up to the title on the cover.”

Content of the latest issue of PHA includes:

The latest issue of Public Health Action, and all past quarterly issues of PHA are available free of charge on Ingenta. PHA is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. To submit an article please see information for authors.