“I am excited about the changing landscape of Myanmar and the opportunities we all have to contribute”

The Union’s Deputy Director in Myanmar, Charlotte O’Sullivan, has a problem-solving approach to respond to the rapid pace of change in the country.

Target for good health-related quality of life post-treatment is needed for TB, says Union article

The global health community must include a target to ensure that 90 percent of all people successfully completing treatment for TB can have a good health-related quality of life

The Union welcomes WHO recommendations for treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis

The Union's formal response to WHO rapid communication document, issued on 11 December.

The Union’s call for increased Global Fund investment in operational research for TB sees progress

A new report on research funding trends for TB highlighted a Union editorial on the Global Fund’s critical role in supporting operational research and the practical measures it can take.

On Universal Health Coverage Day, The Union calls for TB diagnosis, treatment and prevention for all

The Union joins advocates worldwide to demand strong, equitable health systems for all, regardless of their income or location.

Global TB research funding reaches highest level on record, yet still falls US$1 billion short of UN targets

The report published this week by Treatment Action Group (TAG), 'Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends 2005 – 2018', provides new data on tuberculosis funding and analyses funding trends since 2005.

The Union congratulates India for protecting non-smokers and youth by passing the Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Act 2019

The Union congratulates the Government of India for its sustained support in implementing evidence-based tobacco control policies to reduce tobacco use, and its commitment to passing the ban on e-cigarettes.

Seventh edition of The Union’s popular ‘Orange Guide’ published

The seventh edition of an important Union technical guide, entitled ‘Management of Tuberculosis: A Guide to Essential Practice’, has been published and is available in print and online.

The Union welcomes new and updated Global Plan to End TB 2018–2022

The Union today welcomed the STOP TB Partnership's updated Global Plan to End TB 2018-2022, launched today in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Scientific review shows cost-effective actions achieve quick results for cleaner air and improved health

Reductions in air pollution yield fast and dramatic impacts on health, as well as decreases in all-cause morbidity according to a research paper, Health Benefits of Air Pollution Reduction, and corresponding report Clean Air Now, published today.

Union review paper highlights critical action points for the treatment of TB infection

A review paper titled 'Treatment for latent tuberculosis infection in low- and middle-income countries: progress and challenges with implementation and scale-up', has been published on-line in the journal Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine.

Mexico approves measure to ensure tobacco excise tax increases in line with national inflation

The Union collaborated with Union grantee, the National Council Against Addictions, to provide technical assistance to the government of Mexico and support the decision to update tobacco excise tax each year based on the inflation rate.

Communities make the difference on World AIDS day

This World AIDS Day, 1 December, the theme is ‘Communities make the difference’, in recognition of the essential role that communities have played and continue to play in the AIDS response.

“We can meet the challenges of the fight against tuberculosis if we join forces.”

Dr Kobto G Koura, The Union’s Programme Coordinator for Africa, believes that everyone has a significant contribution to make in the fight to end tuberculosis.

Tobacco Farmers call for strengthened tobacco control in Indonesia

The Indonesia Multicultural Farmers Forum has called on the Indonesian government to create a comprehensive tobacco control policy to reduce tobacco deaths in the country.