Key Ask 4: Accelerate development of new tools to end TB

The first ever United Nations High-Level Meeting (HLM) on Tuberculosis (TB) will convene in New York on 26 September. The theme is United to end tuberculosis: an urgent global response to a global epidemic. The meeting must generate action urgently needed to End TB. The Union is advocating for priority actions countries should implement.

The HLM will produce a political declaration on TB. The Union calls on UN member states to include five commitments within the declaration.

Key Ask 4: Accelerate development of new tools to end TB

The Union calls on UN member states to accelerate development of essential new tools to end TB. Specifically:

  • Create a research-enabling environment that streamlines and expedites innovation and promotes international collaboration in order to introduce new tools to prevent, diagnose and treat TB in all its forms, including:
  • A two month or less oral cure for TB and its drug-resistant forms before 2028. – One or more new or repurposed vaccines ready to enter the registration process for global use by 2025.
  • Affordable point-of-care TB diagnostics that can identify new infections and tests for drug resistance by 2025.
  • Acknowledge TB innovation is a shared responsibility. Ensure R&D is needs-driven, evidence-based and guided by principles of affordability, efficiency, equity and collaboration. TB requires models of innovation that delink R&D costs from prices and volumes of sales to facilitate equitable and affordable access.

How The Union is helping accelerate development of new tools to end TB

In Benin, The Union ran an observational study using a new nine month regimen to treat multi-drug resistant TB. Benin’s National TB Programme centre in Cotonou was one of nine countries across francophone Africa that took part in the study.

Timothé Danon, pictured above, and four of his family members were all treated and cured thanks to the study. “I really own my life to this place and these doctors.” Read the full story. 

More examples of Union work on Key Ask 4:

Co-ordinator of The Union’s Drug Resistant TB Programme, Alberto Piubello, talks about his work on the short-term regimen

STREAM clinical trial results provide vital insight into nine-month treatment regimen for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis