Advertising is an excellent means to reach physicians, health workers, researchers, professors, students and decision makers with an interest in health services for the poor and vulnerable. As an open access journal, PHA will reach public health centres, medical, university and pharmaceutical libraries, hospitals, clinics, foundations and institutions. PHA is therefore an ideal vehicle for your health services related advertising needs. Advertising on the PHA website will provide a platform for:

Medical and health companies

To promote products and services that need to be brought to the attention of health professionals throughout the world.

Publishing companies

To promote health services related publications among professionals and individuals working in public health worldwide.


To promote projects and special interests on a global scale.

Educational institutions & associations

To recruit staff and trainees and to bring public health-related publications, special activities, conferences, courses and academic programmes to the attention of health professionals worldwide.

For information on advertising online or in the PHA e-alert, please consult the Media Pack or email the PHA Editorial Office.